Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Favorites

The days are getting longer...and it's making me infinitely happy!This flower is a major trooper.  Would you believe that it's been hanging around for four weeks now?  It left it's buddies in the dust two weeks ago.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

REjuvenated: A 'Leftovers' Statement Necklace

After making this necklace, plus one for my mom, I had all of two gold pieces remaining.  As the rule of thumb goes, items in ‘odd’ groupings (rather than ‘even’) are more pleasing to the eye.  Therefore, I knew I would need a few beads that read stronger than these gold pieces, in order to create the necessary balance.  While I was hoping to making a bracelet, I realized that all of that bulk would end up bothering me (and would probably having me standing lopsided), so down the necklace route I went.

As it turns out, I had all of the beads that I needed on hand.  (While I’d like to attribute that to resourcefulness, in reality, it’s probably because I’m a craft supply hoarder…but, I digress.) I had recently bought these blue beads on impulse, and thought that they would be the perfect ‘statement’ piece for this necklace.  Add to the mix some tubular beads, which I got from deconstructing a thrifted necklace, and some square beads that were leftover from this project…and bada-bing bada-boom, a necklace was created.  Well, that is if you want the spark notes version.

Truth be told, I had a go-around with this necklace.  Turning the tubular pieces into vertically oriented beads required a fair amount of finagling, and the need for a craft store run (to think that for once, I could complete a project without one…silly).  Then, after having strung the beads on chain, to the result of a sloppy mess, I had to restring it on wire to give it the support it needed (which of course led to another craft store run). 

The trials were worth it though, as I am so pleased with how this necklace turned out.  Plus, I learned a few things along the way, which is always a bonus; and practiced some patience, which I suppose is healthy.  ;-)  See the steps I took below...

Weekly Favorites

Sunday, January 11, 2015

REjuvenated: Mancala Board

I’d been keeping my eye out for a mancala board for quite some time.  Not just any board, but one that was unique enough that I would want to keep it on my coffee table.  I figured we could use a reminder to take a break and play a game every now and again.  So, when I came across this one for a mere 50 cents at a garage sale, I couldn’t snatch it up quick enough.  With that price, I knew that I would feel comfortable trying to REjuvenate it, without potentially losing money if the result didn’t turn out.

When trying to decide on a look, I wavered back and forth between colorful and loud, or simple and clean.  The decision became simple once my Mom gave me a number of beautiful rocks from her collection though.  Wanting the rocks to be the focus, I decided on a neutral color palette of white, gold, and unfinished wood; and a clean geometric pattern.

I am so happy with how the board turned out, and how it has spiced up our coffee table.  Even more so, it has been fun to sit down with Ricky and play every so often.  It’s a nice way to break up the night, and spend time together outside of our usual go-to’s…as well as practice our competitive sides (lets just say that one game always turns into best of three). ;-)

Monday, January 5, 2015