Tuesday, June 18, 2013

REjuvenated: Classic Cardigan

I wore this sweater in its original form for a good half of a year before introducing it to my trusty Ginghers.  I loved the slouchy fit, and would often wear it tucked into a pair of jeans with a boot and simple jewelry.  It was my go-to casual outfit…you know, the one that you wear once a week (two if you count the weekend). So needless to say, I was quite hesitant on whether or not to modify it.  However, the time eventually came when my need for a cardigan outweighed my indecisiveness, and this sweater offered the best solution on hand.

In an effort to retain the versatility of the style (and stave off those dreadful debates over what to wear in the morning), I kept the look simple and classic.  Adding two hand pockets helps to balance out the length of the cardigan, while the double-breasted button closure is a nice classic detail.  The combination of these details gives this sweater quite a versatile balance, so much in fact, that I now have not one, but a good handful of go-to outfits.

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